ePortfolios without tears using Evernote

Okay, so I’m taking a slight detour from the Google highway (although you can get an Evernote web clipper extension for Google Chrome so that kind of counts!)

One of my other favourite bits of software is Evernote. Have you ever seen the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”? If you have, you might remember the Dad used Windex as a cure-all, even healing a pimple on the groom’s face on his wedding day.

Well, Evernote is a bit like the Greek Dad’s Windex. It’s such a blank slate of an app that it can be used for so many purposes. Of course, like any software, Evernote does have its limitations. At the same time, its simplicity and flexibility opens up so many possibilities.

One application is as an eportfolio. I use it to put together a portfolio of my instructional design work and to document my professional development (particular informal learning which is not always easy to capture). I share this with potential employers and clients. It’s also a great tool for curating resources and lesson plans.

I also use it with students to put together protfolios of their work either for personal purposes or for assessment. It can also be shared with other teachers (with the students permission, of course!)

Below is a simple graphic to plant ideas on how Evernote might be used as an eportfolio. My advice is – try it! It’s free and easy to use. Just have a play.


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